“NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” - A Guide to Choice Studio One Pressings -BOOK-
販売価格 3,300円(内税)

'Studio One'レーベルのウィキッド・チューンの数々を、それぞれどのプレスで聴くのが最高かを研究した一冊!

No Man Is An Island” is a community, not-for-profit project aiming to help people navigate the mind-numbing record pressing maze of the legendary Studio One label. This guide serves as a resource for those on a journey to find the best quality pressings of critical Studio One tracks. 
The book is the result of many years of collecting records, comparing fidelity and sound quality of pressings, and digging into Jamaican music history to understand the context of the sound production.
High Quality Offset Paperback / Printed in Berlin / 188 pages / Full Color / Artwork and fonts by Chango Julius 
Includes over 180 entries on crucial Studio One Tracks with record label scans

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