Lord Invader
Calypso In New York from the Asch Recordings 1946-1961 -CD-
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1.: Out Of Fire
2.: Ten Thousand To Bar Me One (previously unreleased)
3.: Cousin Family
4.: When You Hear I Die (previously unreleased)
5.: New York Subway
6.: Me One Alone (previously unreleased)
7.: Sly Mongoose
8.: Happy Land Of Canaan (previously unreleased)
9.: Mary Ann
10.: Yankee Dollar
11.: Pepsi-Cola (previously unreleased)
12.: Tied-Tongue Baby
13.: God Made Us All (previously unreleased)
14.: Soldiers Came And Broke Up My Life (previously unreleased)
15.: Labor Day
16.: Brown Girl In The Ring (previously unreleased)
17.: Chicago Chicago (previously unreleased)
18.: My Intention Is War (previously unreleased)
19.: No Place Like The West Indies
20.: My Experience On The Reperbahn (2nd version/previously unreleased)
21.: Auf Wiedersehen
22.: Cat O'Nine Tails
23.: Crisis In Arkansas
24.: Steel Band War
25.: You're Wasting Your Time (previously unreleased)
26.: I'm Going Back To Africa (previously unreleased)

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