Fadda-T a.k.a. Turner from King Ryukyu Sound
Fadda-T's Super Soul Show vol.9 -MIX CD-
販売価格 1,620円(内税)

今回のサブタイトルは「Acoustic Soul」。

-Track List-
01. Special lady 
02. Hey there lonely girl 
03. Crystal Blue Persuation
04. Bless my soul 
05. Extra Ordinary people 
06. Make it with you 
07. Make it with you 
08. Everything I own 
09. On and On
10. On and on 
11. Sweet Child 
12. Sylvia's mother 
13. When you get right down to it 
14. I'd love you to want me
15. Someone loves you honey 
16. I want last a day with out you 
17. Love on a two way street
18. Love on a two way street 
19.Dream marchant 
20. Let'em in 
21. Yes I'm ready
22. Us and love 
23. Float on 
24. Oh honey 
25. Oh darlin
26. She don't let nobody
27. Angels aroun you 
28. Sorry
29. Silly wasn't 

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