Fadda-T a.k.a. Turner from King Ryukyu Sound
Fadda-T's Super Soul Show vol.8 -MIX CD-
販売価格 1,650円(内税)

Turner氏のブレない選曲と、JAMAICAN MUSIC LOVERSから更にどっぷりBLACK MUSIC FANへの架け橋となるであろう内容はまさにワン&オンリー。
今回のテーマは【Time for love】、CHI-LITESやMANHATTANS, SPINNERSなどの名曲やレゲエでカヴァーされた元ネタを中心にセレクト。

-Track List-
02. Half a love 
03. t's time for love
04. I'll tell her
05. I Will 
06. Heavenly 
07. After all 
08. Whats come over me
09. It feel so good be loved so bad 
10. I kinda miss you
11. Kiss and say good bye 
12. Hurt
13. How about us
14. Try again
15. Don't say no 
16. Gotta get you home tonight
17. Best Things 
18. Best Things
19. Let me prove my love to you
20. Ain't it so 
21. They took the show 
22. The best of strangers now
23. Close to you
24. One man band 
25. Just you and me baby 
26. lose you
27. lose you 

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